Photo by:   @modestperspective   (IG)

Photo by:
@modestperspective (IG)

Missy Monoxide // Founder

@missy_monoxide specializes in design, photography, and social media. She created DTX Women, an affiliate of DTX Street, in an effort to create a platform that features the works and services of female creatives and entrepreneurs in DFW. DTX Women will serve as a networking tool, creating a strong female collaborative community.

Brand collaborations:
YUMS, LidsAlready DesignKing PinsRoial Bijoux, Glazed Donut Works, Calvary Dallas 

 Photo by:   @sarahxfun   (IG)

Photo by: @sarahxfun (IG)

Alavia Khawaja // Curator

@empress.aloevera specializes in cosmetics, modeling, and photography. She studied Graphic Design and Psychology at the University of Texas in Dallas, and has experience with social media. Alavia currently works as a Makeup Artist at Nordstrom and also freelances as a MUA and model.

Brand collaborations:

 Photo by:   @pfntomvisuals   (IG)

Photo by: @pfntomvisuals (IG)

Megan Fox // Curator

@megan_foxphoto specializes in photography, advertising, and social media. She is currently attending the University of North Texas, pursuing a Bachelor in Advertising & Marketing. Megan freelances as a Photographer and is also a Cashier at Mcalisters. 

Brand collaborations:
North Texas Daily, CourtPerks Designs, Belladonna

 Photo by:   @victoriadventures   (IG)

Photo by: @victoriadventures (IG)

Allie Norado // Curator

@allienoradophotog specializes in portrait photography and social media. She is graduating from University of Texas in Arlington with a CLIS degree focused on Russian & Korean Language studies. Allie is also a Marketing Assistant for Yelp Fort Worth.

Brand collaborations:
LoyalKNGPurveyorNAUMOfficially KMUSICTeamBunBun,

 Photo by:    @kevinfides   (IG)

Photo by: @kevinfides (IG)

Victoria Nguyen // Curator

@victoriadventures specializes in photography and social media. She is currently studying at the University of North Texas, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Photography. Victoria currently does freelance photography and is a Cashier for Market Street. 

Brand collaborations:
North Texas Daily


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