Thrill-seeking photographers capture Dallas from the edge

Marie Saavedra, WFAA
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DALLAS -- More than a dozen stories above a glittering downtown Dallas, you’ll find a photographer who’s not afraid to go where the best shot is.

"That’s the whole rush of it, is being somewhere where normally someone wouldn’t be to take a photo," said High_Vis.

That's his username on his Instagram account with nearly 7,000 followers, all eager to see his street photography capturing Dallas’ most captivating, and in some cases scariest, angles. Many coming from a small sliver of a ledge on some of the city's tallest roofs.

"To get settings right and have to worry about wind and worry about other people calling you in… it’s a lot of variables!" he said.

But what you won’t find in our story or in his self-portraits is a clear look at his face -- because some of the most eye-catching shots don’t always come legally.

"Exploiting the security flaws in a building pretty much, I guess would be the way to say it," he said. 

He’s met four cops and several security officers, but High_Vis says he’s got a clean record. Most just wave him away. And the more his following grows, the more willing a building’s staff will be to get him on their roof.

The graphic designer by day hopes his nights of trespassing are numbered.

"You go to a spot and all you do leave with is photos, and you try to not leave any trace," he said.

He wants the only proof that he’s been on your roof to be his pictures.

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DTX Street

DTX Street is a Dallas-based, street photography group, founded in January 2016 by High Vis and Missy Monoxide. In April 2018, locally renowned videographer, Vu, became an official member of the team. DTX Street strives to inspire amateurs and professionals alike, to uniquely capture and share the urban experience and culture in our city. We created a community in which we can help one another develop our skills as photographers, and now we're ready to share our vision of Dallas with the world.