Lose Yourself in 1955: A Look into Sweet Tooth Hotel Chapter II

Missy Monoxide, #VERIDTXS

Upon hearing the name Sweet Tooth Hotel, one may assume it’ is just another of the many hotels here in Dallas, but you’ would be surprised to find out it’’s actually an installation concept by Cole and Jencey Keeton, featuring some of DFW’’s most acclaimed artists. 1955 is the second chapter in the Sweet Tooth Hotel’’s series of installations, displaying works by the talented Built by Bender, Jeremy Biggers, Rob Wilson, Jojo Chuang and Shamsy Roomiani, alongside new artists Hatziel Flores and Drigo. This year’’s theme can be described as “retrofuturistic,” giving off vibes and visuals similar to the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and 1951’’s Golden Globe winner, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

From the outside, the building matches the aesthetic of a typical city building, with the exception of the inviting pops of color spilling from the windows onto the sidewalk. Once inside the venue, one is automatically transported into another world, another dimension it seems. The installations are separated into sections, each creatively designed by the aforementioned artists. From a photographer’’s viewpoint, they’’re the perfect visual opportunity to create compelling and Instagrammable (most importantly of course) content. 1955 is the best of both the artistic and photographic worlds, combining art with setting, lighting, and composition. The lighting is optimal for photographing moody portraits, although it is somewhat low in some areas, however, flash isn’’t necessary. In regard to size, the 1,200 sq. ft. venue is a decent size to house the installations, but at full capacity (21 people) it can get packed and a little challenging to work one’’s way around other guests, so we recommend collaborating with one to two people (tops) to allow maximum flexibility and use of the space. Great news though, next year Sweet Tooth Hotel will be hosting its exhibitions in a larger venue, thus accommodating more guests and creatives.

Speaking of creatives, our favorite installation was the furthest in the back, the Rainbow Rocketship created by Bender and Jojo Chuang. The lighting was interactive, giving one the power to change the colors and effects such as strobing, fading into other colors, or even plain white for those more subtle shots. The room is reminiscent of being inside a spaceship, filled with realistic props (passageways, control panels), colorful buttons, even plasma globes, inspiring endless possibilities for your imagination. There are also mirror walls, for those badass, symmetrical reflection shots that become instant bangers.

Whether you’’re a photographer, a model, an artist, or a curious local looking for something new to do, or you’’re simply passionate about supporting Dallas artists, Sweet Tooth Hotel is a masterpiece one MUST cross off the bucket list. In short, get your tickets for “1955” before it’’s sold out! Tickets can be purchased online from November 1st through December 31st. 



Missy Monoxide

pecializes in design, photography, and social media. She graduated with Honors from the Art Institute of Dallas, with a BFA in Graphic Design. In July 2017, Missy founded DTX Women, to create a platform that features the works and services of female creatives and entrepreneurs. The group strives to pave the way for a solid female collaborative community in DFW.