Dallas Hype Insta Meet

Photo by:   @alx.cn   (IG)

Photo by: @alx.cn (IG)

September 10, 2017 was definitely a day for the books for the photography community in Dallas. Luda (@ludatheshooter) and DTX Street (@dtxstreet) hosted "Dallas Hype" in order provide a fun, collaborative environment for photographers and models, as well as networking opportunities. However, in light of the destruction Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas' coast, we decided to partner with local church, Calvary Dallas (@calvarydallascc), to help collect donations for shelters or people in need. We figured if we were already bringing together a large crowd, we might as well use the opportunity and do something positive for Houston, especially since we have friends and fellow photographers who live there.

Dallas Hype was held at Pegasus Plaza and began at 4PM. From the very beginning, our followers and supporters began showing up in large groups, many with donations in hand. Calvary Dallas had a moving truck parked on Commerce St., in which donations were dropped off in order to be personally delivered to Target Hunger (@targethungerhouston) in Houston on September 11th. After about an hour of collecting donations and networking, the meet officially began and we set off, mobbin deep in Downtown Dallas. We had the dopest photographers in DFW, the HYPEST models, talented artists, b(v)loggers, smoke bombs, and the chillest vibes! 

Ultimately, the meet was a success and we delivered the donations the next day. I am so honored to be part of such an amazing team and we are so grateful to have had Luda and Calvary Dallas as our partners. High Vis and I had no idea what our creation would become, nor did we ever consider we'd be in the position to influence or make a difference. We are ecstatic beyond belief and we can't thank our followers, friends, and supporters enough for the love and support. Thank you so much for your continued loyalty and devotion to our community and our fellow Texans.

—Missy Monoxide, Co-Founder, DTX Street 🙏🏽💙  #DallasHype

Video by: Tyrell Greenlee (@tyrellgreenlee)

Missy Monoxide

pecializes in design, photography, and social media. She graduated with Honors from the Art Institute of Dallas, with a BFA in Graphic Design. In July 2017, Missy founded DTX Women, to create a platform that features the works and services of female creatives and entrepreneurs. The group strives to pave the way for a solid female collaborative community in DFW.